Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome Maria Piork!

Maria Piork: Romance is questionable, but erotica? Well, that's just dirty!
I'm often asked why I write what I write. I believe people’s assumption is that I'm secretly a sex-obsessed person who just likes to write graphic sex scenes. Now, if one were to take this stance then I guess the same would hold true for writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz and we should be thinking of them as deranged serial killers. Right? Well, of course not!

What is Erotica then, really? Erotica is about the sexual journey and 
sexual awakening of a character. Erotica can contain a love story, but it doesn’t need it.  For this reason alone, I prefer to write Erotic Romance because my stories do include the love plot and the hurdles and challenges people have to endure for a chance at love. And of course not all Erotica is just about screwing people. In fact, Erotica can be intelligent, classy, and tasteful. For me in particular when I write my books, I’m conveying stories that explore the intimate bonds two people share, to explore human emotions and the wide range of connection.
And why do I write erotica? Well, for one it’s fun to put in writing and it sells. And I believe it sells because in my opinion it is not love that makes the world go around, but sex.  Now, think about this for a moment, really think about it.  Sex changes people and changes relationships. Sex can be used to bring people together or tear them apart. It can hurt and it can heal. People’s lives have been made, and destroyed, by whom they choose to have sex with. Sex is hot and powerful and no matter how much our culture tries to pretend that it's uncivilized and disgusting, it is not.
In closing, I want like to say to you my wonderful followers and fans that I hope that you have learned something about my writing and something about the Erotic genre.  I also hope that you would consider connecting with me via my site, Facebook or Twitter. 

Upcoming Project: My fourth eBook labeled Captive in the Game will be released on 9/30. This book is a fictional tale about a young couple who work together and become casual lovers. After several years of on the job drama and divorce scandal with other partners the casual lovers realize that what they had all along was in fact much more than just a passing fling. 

Thank you, Maria

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